Company focused on the demands "Smart" for the markets of electricity, gas and water.

The SSE GRIDTECH works together with energy, gas and water Utilities, developing intelligent solutions, combining the most diverse and modern technologies in software and equipments available in the market.

The main focus points to the revenue protection issues, seeking for solutions to the most critical problem in emerging countries, commercial losses (non technical) caused by theft and fraud.

In addition to develop our own solutions, we also consolidate strategic partnerships with leading suppliers of equipments and softwares Worldwide. This ensures the highest levels of satisfaction by our customers.

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Becoming, until 2020, the largest Company in R&D projects deployed with electricity, gas and water Utilities in our Country.


Develop and deploy technology solutyions with high added value, providing to the electric, gas and water Utilities, tools that assist them in maintaining and growing their financial results.


SSE GRIDTECH is structured to
act in the market through four
business areas that complement
each other:


Seeking to design solutions with better adherence to the specific needs of its customers;


developing solutions identified by experts in the consulting area, focusing mainly on creating intelligent solutions that can add value to the business of its customers;


dedicated area to install and operate the softwares and solutions developed by the Company;


creating a culture of full capacity at all stages in which it operates, the training area closes the loop we call "Sustainable Solutions";


  • R&D projects with Utilities;
  • Explore feasibility of projects with ANEEL R & D resources, seeking to develop high value-added solutions to Utilities. We help Utilities, from the generation of the necessary documentation for project's approval within the premises established by ANEEL, up to tracking and project completion with effective presentation of results.

  • Revenue Recovering;
  • We work in recovery revenue, designing and developing solutions targeting the commercial losses. Our experience in this matter assures us identify with a high degree of assertiveness which are the best practices and solutions to address this problem, which is extremely critical in our Country.

  • Services Management in Technology;
  • We seek, together with our clients, to design solutions with high added value, enabling Utilities to show effective improvements in their financial / operational results.

  • Advise on matters "Smart";
  • Matters that require deep knowledge in Smart Grid solutions are part of our daily activities. This assure the best design and development solutions for our customers, appropriate costs and deadlines.

  • Mobile App Development;
  • We design, develop and implement solutions to the most commom mobile platforms in the market (Android, iOS and Windows Phone).

  • Corporatives Platforms Integration;
  • We work together with our clients in the definition, development and training related with their needs of integration with legacy softwares, ensuring the functioning of all parts of the end to end solution.


We have partnerships that give us the necessary background to act fast and focused in the proposed solutions, including: Microsoft, IBM and Oracle in the IT and Radek in the segment of ​​technological development.

We also created partnerships with researchs institutes, IBTI in Brasilia and CITEB in Santa Catarina, to enable R & D projects with government incentives, such as: information technology law and ANEEL R&D.


The SSE GRIDTECH portfolio is focused on their core areas of expertise: Development of equipments and softwares, training, technical consulting and value-added services.

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